Vegas Parking Fees on the Rise

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It seems that capable is ne'er capable for some, and Las Vegas parking fees are a cleanable example. It’s not capable that nan metropolis has had 33 consecutive months of much than a cardinal dollars successful revenue. And it’s not capable than they conscionable raised their Resort Fees. Now, they’re jacking up parking arsenic well.

There was a clip erstwhile Sin City resorts would fto guests parkland for free, conscionable for illustration astir normal hotels crossed nan country. It was a mini measurement they could show immoderate customer appreciation. Now, however, Vegas parking fees are astatine almost each casino astir town, forcing visitors to salary for nan privilege of parking their ain cars. So, what are they saying to their customers now?

Parking rates astatine each MGM Resort properties person jumped to $18 a time Mondays done Thursdays, and $23 a time if you situation sojourn connected nan weekend. Plus, they person cancelled their erstwhile argumentation for 1 to four-hour parking and four- to 24-hours rates.

For those of you who deliberation we’re conscionable being inexpensive we ask: What’s your point? Vegas utilized to beryllium a municipality wherever you could get a decent room, spot a bully show, and bask a buffet astatine a reasonable price. Plus, nan resorts seemed happy to spot you there. These days, customers person a manus successful their pouch from nan infinitesimal they book a trip. Whether it’s hidden Resort Fees aliases nan other complaint from nan cab for nan airport… it’s ever something.

Now if you’re a ace large deal… for illustration an MGM loyalty programme member, they will still buss your ass and let you to time off your conveyance for free.  And of course, section Nevada residents will get a 3 hr “grace period” earlier they are charged. Everyone other tin expect Vegas parking fees to beryllium collected, nary matter really galore years you’ve been a customer.


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