New Vegas Strike Threat for Super Bowl

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Wait… what? Didn’t we conscionable person a Las Vegas strike? Well, benignant of. There was nan threat of a onslaught conscionable earlier nan large Formula 1 title backmost successful November, but a past infinitesimal woody was capable to avert a imaginable logistical disaster. This clip nan threat of a onslaught is conscionable earlier nan Super Bowl, truthful we person a mates of weeks to activity each this out.

Don’t get america wrong: The anticipation of a Vegas onslaught is rather real. In fact, nan Union has already group a day of February 2nd for their 8,000 workers to locomotion out. And their Secretary precocious stated that he believes location will beryllium a onslaught and calling it “unfortunate”.

However, let’s retrieve that this is each a crippled of manipulation. The Union and casinos are some alert of nan timeline starring up to nan Super Bowl astatine Allegiant Stadium connected February 11th. They worked retired a past infinitesimal woody earlier nan Las Vegas Grand Prix, and location person already been signs of things moving retired this clip arsenic well.

In fact, nan Union has already statement reached an statement pinch 1 of nan properties involved: nan Waldorf Astoria. That edifice was capable to activity retired their contracts pinch nan Union, but that only accounts for 300 of nan 8,000 workers.

If location is simply a Vegas onslaught earlier nan large game, it will impact Circus Circus, nan Rio, nan Sahara, The STRAT, Treasure Island, Binion’s, Circa, Downtown Grand, Four Queens, Fremont, Golden Nugget, The D, Plaza, Golden Gate, nan El Cortez, Main Street, and galore more.


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