From Waiting Seven Hours to 4,363 Days: Parker Talbot Finally Nails First Live Poker Win at 2024 Irish Open

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Parker Talbot

In a poetic twist reminiscent of nan lyrics from nan precocious Sinead O'Connor's "Nothing Compares 2 U," nan poker organization witnessed a singular milestone astatine nan 2024 Irish Open arsenic PokerStars ambassador Parker Talbot claimed his inaugural unrecorded poker tourney victory. Just arsenic nan song's melancholic protagonist endured "seven hours and 15 days" of heartache, Talbot's travel to triumph spanned a singular 4,363 days since his first-ever rate connected nan unrecorded felt.

Talbot removed nan monkey from his backmost successful nan Luxon Pay €5,000 High Roller 8-Max, besting nan 111-entry section that featured a stacked last array that included nan likes of 2023 WSOP Online Main Event champion Bert Stevens and 2023 EPT Prague Main Event victor Padraig O'Neill.

To seal nan victory, Talbot turned vessel connected runner-up Fergal O'Cathain to time off nan second drafting dormant aft nan chips went successful connected nan A♣4♣7♠ flop. Talbot, holding ace-four, was up against 7♣5♠. The A♥ move drew a number of cheers from his rail, pinch Talbot and O'Cathain sharing a fist bump and handshake arsenic nan stream paper was dealt out.

The apical 15 players made money, pinch Leo Worthington-Leese being nan past subordinate leaving empty-handed aft O'Neill flipped him retired connected nan bubble.

With nan unrecorded triumph nether his belt, nan mobility connected everyone's lips is, what will hap to nan TonkaTracker? For those unfamiliar, nan TonkaTracker is nan X/Twitter relationship tally by Benjamin Spragg that playfully kept a grounds of Talbot's inability to adjacent retired tournaments, tallying each time arsenic it passed. Now, pinch nan metre group backmost to zero, will it proceed for triumph number two, aliases has nan ribbon been tied for good?

Luxon Pay €5,000 High Roller 8-Max Final Table Results

1Parker TalbotCanada€134,279
2Fergal O'CathainIreland€86,635
3Padraig O'NeillIreland€61,885
4Roope TarmiFinland€47,605
5Ian DrakeIsle of Man€36,615
6Bert StevensBelgium€28,165
7Jamie DwanUnited Kingdom€22,530
8Narcis OlaruSpain€18,025
9Jani TuovinenFinland€15,020

Irish Open Main Event Underway

Fintan HandFintan Hand

The first starting formation of nan €1,150 Irish Open Main Event is besides successful nan books. Day 1a saw a section of 379 entries whittled down to 72 players.

Among nan players who had chips remaining astatine nan extremity of play was PokerStars Ambassador Fintan Hand, who knowledgeable a late-night surge to extremity up pinch an above-average stack of 252,000 chips, bully for 63 large blinds astatine nan commencement of Day 2. However, Hand is still immoderate ways distant from spot leader Pascal Baumgartner, who managed to container 329,500 astatine nan extremity of nan night.

Baumgartner vanished 3rd successful nan 2018 Irish Open Main Event for €100,000, his largest-ever unrecorded cash, and has made bully strides for different heavy tally successful Dublin. Following Baumgartner intimately is Niclas Thumm pinch 322,500 chips, while Ville Jantunen rounds retired nan apical 3 pinch a stack of 305,500. Simon Wilson was nan best-performing Irishman connected Day 1a, securing 4th spot pinch 303,500 chips successful his bag.

The guaranteed prize excavation of €1,000,000 is already good connected its measurement to being shattered, and Day 1b is expected to make important advancement toward that magic seven-figure number. Be judge to travel each nan unrecorded updates, which you tin find successful nan PokerNews Live Reporting Hub.

Day 1a Top Ten Chip Counts

RankPlayerCountryChip CountDay 2 Big Blinds
1Pascal BaumgartnerSwitzerland329,50082
2Niclas ThummGermany322,50081
3Ville JantunenFinland305,50076
4Simon WilsonIreland303,50076
5Max DevesonUnited Kingdom302,00076
6Patrick LarkinIreland301,50075
7Sebestyen CsotiHungary283,00071
8Jorge RamellaUruguay259,00065
9April WigginsUnited States257,50064
10Nadja SutterSwitzerland256,00064

Close Call for Stapes; More Winners astatine nan Irish Open

Joe StapletonJoe Stapleton

Along pinch nan High Roller, a fistful of events person crowned their champions successful nan Irish capital.

Pavel Plotnikov took down nan first arena of nan series, €350 NLH 6-Max, for €16,401. PokerStars commentator and ambassador Joe "Stapes" Stapleton put successful a heavy tally successful nan aforesaid event, finishing successful 4th spot for €7,980

Stapes' Spanish counterpart, Alejandro Romero, was besides among nan latest winners, defeating last year's Main Event champion David Docherty successful heads-up successful nan €350 NLH Championship Event.

Edmond Fogarty, Mario Niciforo, and Michal Havavka person each picked up their ain trophies arsenic good coming retired connected apical successful nan €550 PLO Mystery Bounty, €250 The Hendon Mob Championship and €350 America's Cup respectively.

EventEntriesPrize PoolWinnerPrize
Championship Event - €350 NLH 6-Max385€116,366Pavel Plotnikov€16,401
€550 PLO Mystery Bounty188€44,650Edmond Fogarty€18,960
Championship Event - €350 NLH64€19,344Alejandro Romero€5,925
€250 The Hendon Mob Championship599€125,562Mario Niciforo€18,279
€5,000 High Roller 8-Max111€514,069Parker Talbot€134,279
€350 America's Cup495€149,614Michal Havavka€27,042
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