TikTok Star Griffin Johnson Gearing Up for Celebrity Poker Tour During Super Bowl Week

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Celebrity Poker Tour

Las Vegas is preparing for a engaged Super Bowl weekend, and a portion of that will beryllium plentifulness of celebrities coming into town. That’ll beryllium particularly existent connected Thursday, February 8th erstwhile nan Celebrity Poker Tour big their 2nd invitational astatine PokerGO Studio pinch a livestream starting astatine 6 p.m. PST.

The Celebrity Poker Tour Invitational II, which is expected to past 4-5 hours, will beryllium a 72-invite-only section that starts players pinch 100,000 successful chips and play 15-minute levels. There will beryllium a full of $50,000 successful prize money awarded to nan apical 9 finishers, pinch nan victor capturing a $20,000 first-place prize.

The arena will beryllium comprised of celebrities, pro athletes, contented creators, and business leaders including nan likes of Perez Hilton, Aljamain Sterling, Will Levis, Austin Ekeler, Bryce Hall, Marc D'Amelio, Pierson Wodzynski, Tana Mongeau, and respective twelve more.

That includes net characteristic and character Griffin Johnson, who roseate to fame connected TikTok acknowledgment to his comedic skits, challenges, and a mastery of nan slow-motion technique. The erstwhile personnel of nan Sway House has much than 10.3 cardinal followers connected TikTok, 1.7 cardinal followers connected X, 3.1 cardinal connected Instagram, and astir a cardinal subscribers connected YouTube.

Celebrity Poker Tour(Top) From Left to Right; Josie Canseco, Austin Ekeler, Nemo Zhou, Aljamain Sterling, Will Levis (Bottom) From Left to Right: Bryce Hall, Tana Mongeau, Shane Victorino, Alex Botez, Rampage Poker

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Q&A pinch Griffin Johnson

Celebrity Poker Tour"The victor will person a civilization engraved vessel of LOUIS XIII cognac alongside 2 engraved Baccarat crystal glasses."

PokerNews precocious chatted pinch Johnson to get his thoughts connected nan upcoming Celebrity Poker Tour Invitational II.

“This will beryllium my third-ever, in-person game,” Johnson admitted. “I really learned from Blake Wynn [the proprietor of nan Celebrity Poker Tour] done friends games together and I besides downloaded nan app Pokerist arsenic it was recommended by a friend and I've been playing ever since.”

Griffin JohnsonGriffin Johnson

He continued: “My favourite portion is astir paper games are each luck-based and while there's luck involved, there's a batch of strategy, intelligence, and thought down it truthful that's what sets it isolated for me. It's for illustration nan quality betwixt chess and Monopoly for example.”

While he didn’t participate backmost then, Johnson shared that location utilized to beryllium immoderate poker games played astatine nan celebrated Sway House.

“There decidedly has been poker played astatine nan house. Although, it's difficult for maine to callback circumstantial stories arsenic I ever conscionable watched if location ever was a game. I've watched Bryce [Hall] play excessively overmuch poker I think, arsenic good arsenic Josh [Richards]. I would emotion to play against Bryce and triumph conscionable 1 bully hand. That way, erstwhile he tries to triumph it back, location would beryllium nary chance arsenic I would conscionable get up from nan array and go!”

As for nan Super Bowl, Johnson is looking guardant to nan large game, though nan 2 teams he was rooting for – nan Miami Dolphins and Buffalo Bills – person already been eliminated from Playoff contention.

PokerNews will beryllium on-hand for nan Celebrity Poker Tour Invitational II and offering societal media throughout. While there, we’ll beryllium judge to drawback up pinch Johnson to spot if he tin negociate to travel distant pinch each nan chips!

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