Tropicana Closing & Super Bowl Strike Update

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The Tropicana closing has officially been confirmed. Its past time of business has been set, and nan edifice will beryllium demolished. In nan meantime, thousands of casino workers are threatening to onslaught wrong days… conscionable successful clip for Las Vegas to big nan Super Bowl.

While we hold for specifics connected nan Tropicana closing, nan Super Bowl is conscionable 2 weeks away, but nan deadline for Las Vegas Culinary and Hospitality workers to walk disconnected their jobs is this Friday. Complicating nan rumor moreover further is that now, Las Vegas autobus drivers are getting involved. But first immoderate bully news, arsenic six of nan resorts facing a activity stoppage person reached an statement pinch nan Union. And arsenic encouraging arsenic this is, that still leaves thousands of workers and 16 properties that could beryllium affected by this strike.

Higher salary and less hours is what nan national is demanding, amongst different things. And if their demands aren’t met by this Friday things could get beautiful disfigured astatine these sixteen Las Vegas Resorts: Binion’s, Circa, Circus Circus, Downtown Grand, El Cortez, Four Queens, Fremont, Golden Gate, Golden Nugget, Main Street, nan Plaza, nan Rio, Sahara, The D, Treasure Island, and Virgin.

No waiters. No Cooks. No maid service. And Lord forbid, nary bartenders! Add to this hundreds and hundreds of Las Vegas autobus drivers who were besides threatening to spell connected onslaught conscionable earlier nan Super Bowl. And if you’re retired location thinking, ‘Well that’s nary large deal. I don’t return nan autobus while I’m successful Vegas’ see this: On average, 150,000 group thrust nan buses successful Las Vegas each azygous day. That would mean 150,000 other group trying to book taxis and thrust shares and cram onto nan monorail. What do you deliberation that’s going to do to your expertise to find a ride? What do you deliberation that’s going to do to nan costs of your ride?

While we interest astir nan Tropicana closing and really to get astir successful Las Vegas and who’s going to alteration our sheets and bring america a beer, grounds betting is expected connected nan Super Bowl this year. Over $ 1.3 billion, successful fact. And much and more, that betting is legal! And this week, we’re watching sports betting description successful States for illustration North Carolina, Vermont, and Pennsylvania. Meanwhile, much group are betting successful Arizona, while record revenue levels are being group crossed nan country.

And yet this week, nan announcement has travel that nan Tropicana closing will hap connected April 2nd of this year. And that means, my friends, that April 1st is nan past time you tin book a reservation… and that’s nary fooling. Now, nan Tropicana will yet beryllium demolished, they conscionable haven’t group a day yet. Best guesses are nan extremity of this twelvemonth aliases nan first portion of adjacent year, each successful bid to build that marque caller master shot stadium and nan marque caller Bally’s Las Vegas!

The Tropicana was built successful 1957… that’s conscionable 2 years earlier Wayne Newton started performing successful Sin City! And Tropicana is nan 3rd oldest Resort connected nan Strip, down only nan Sahara and Flamingo. That intends that erstwhile nan Tropicana is torn down, Wayne Newton will go the  3rd oldest point connected nan Strip!


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