Remembering Las Vegas Grinder & Retired Dealer Howie Cornbleth

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Howie Cornbleth

Back connected March 11, nan Las Vegas poker segment mislaid 1 of its ain successful Howard “Howie” Cornbleth, who passed distant astatine property 85. Born August 27, 1938, Cornbleth was a retired casino trader who had lived successful Southern Nevada since 1965. He was known for his “unique consciousness of joke and enjoyed spending clip pinch his family and friends” according to his obituary.

Not only that, Cornbleth was a acquainted look astatine poker tournaments crossed Las Vegas, not needfully arsenic a dealer, but besides arsenic a player. He was known for grinding 2 tournaments a day, and that was reflected successful his $744,819 successful profession tourney net making love backmost to 2010 according to The Hendon Mob.

That included a career-best $26,560 for finishing successful 3rd spot successful nan 2012 LA Poker Open $225 No-Limit Hold’em Event. In 2019, he vanished runner-up successful nan Goliath Phamous Poker Series Event #7: $260 NLH 50K successful a Day for $19,302, and astatine nan 2022 Orleans Summer Open took down nan $200 NLH Monday Special for $17,380.

Cornbleth was a regular astatine South Point Casino – his past 13 cashes each came from that spot –but it wasn’t different to spot him grinding astatine The Orleans, Wynn, Venetian, and beautiful overmuch anyplace a bully poker tourney could beryllium found.

Howard CornblethHowie Cornbleth playing astatine Venetian.

Jason Fennell, a friend of Cornbleth’s from nan poker tables successful Las Vegas, had this to say:

“All I tin opportunity is we met playing poker and we became bully friends. I person a awesome image of him winning 1 of nan Wynn Daily’s wearing nan garment that I had specially made for him for Christmas. He had a tremendous effect connected maine not only successful poker but successful life, he was 1 of nan bully ones and we’ll beryllium missed.”

"He had a tremendous effect connected maine not only successful poker but successful life, he was 1 of nan bully ones and we’ll beryllium missed.”

The garment successful question, which is pictured successful nan lead image, had a nosy communicative down it. As Fennell explained:

“Howard and I were heavy successful a regular arena and conscionable talking and I asked, ‘What’s that garment expected to say?’ And he said, ‘Old group ne'er bluff.’ But we were laughing together because nan letters were truthful worn disconnected that nary 1 could publication them. I told him jokingly, “Well, erstwhile I triumph this tourney I’ll get ya a caller one. I won it and decided it would beryllium a bully Christmas gift for him. He was truthful happy erstwhile he saw it.”

According to his obituary, Cornbleth is survived by his daughter, Stacie Cornbleth; 3 sons, David, Vinnie, and Paul Cornbleth; sister, Royce Weiss; and 4 grandsons, Dillon, Brian, Dante, and Adam. He was laid to remainder astatine Palm Easter Cemetery successful Las Vegas.

PokerNews offers its condolences to nan friends and family of Cornbleth and recognizes his contributions to nan poker community.

*Lead image courtesy of Wynn.

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