Record Nevada Gaming Revenue Continues

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We haven’t mentioned it successful a while, but nan cardinal dollar streak for Nevada gaming gross has softly been continuing for complete 2 years. November of past twelvemonth marked nan 33rd consecutive month, successful fact. And it was helped a batch by nan Las Vegas Grand Prix.

Statewide, casinos and sports betting were capable to bring successful conscionable northbound of $1.37 billion. That’s a jump of much than 12% emergence from nan aforesaid clip past year. The resorts connected nan Las Vegas Strip accounted for adjacent to 55% of nan state’s full revenue.

Some absorbing numbers wrong nan Nevada gaming gross numbers find that sports betting roseate almost 10% and generated much than $60 million, pinch complete $35 cardinal of that full coming from mobile devices. Slot machine revenues fell slightly, but baccarat jumped complete 35% owed to nan influx of “high rollers” for nan large race.

It wasn’t each roseate petals, though. Downtown Las Vegas and nan Fremont Street area resorts reported conscionable northbound of $81 cardinal successful gaming revenue. That’s a dip of astir 2% erstwhile compared to nan aforesaid clip past year, which generated adjacent to $83 million.

Senior Economic Analyst Nevada Gaming Control Board, Michael Lawton, stated that “The four-day play opening connected November 16th was highly profitable for some gaming and non-gaming activity connected nan Las Vegas Strip pinch immoderate properties estimating those days established all-time grounds levels of revenue.”

Looking guardant to erstwhile nan numbers for December are reported, location is simply a batch of optimism that nan streak of cardinal dollar months for Nevada gaming gross will continue. This owed to nan New Year’s Even holiday, and nan truth that 2 caller properties were welcomed pinch nan grand opening of Fontainebleau and Durango casinos.


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