Race Away With a Share of Over $300,000 in 888poker's Latest Exciting Promo

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888poker Ace nan Race

It's clip to commencement your engines and return your spot connected nan starting grid astatine 888poker passim February, March, and April because nan Ace nan Race promotion guarantees to grant over $300,000 successful prizes.

Running from February 1 and taking nan chequered emblem connected April 28, nan 888poker Ace nan Race promotion revolves astir completing elemental challenges successful rate games, tournaments, and connected 888poker's sports aliases casino verticals.

Completing a azygous situation grants you introduction to a $400 Monaco Kings Freeroll that runs 3 times regular from Monday to Saturday.

Get your grind connected and complete 9 challenges complete nan people of a almanac week, and you'll compete against your chap 888poker foes successful a $4,500 London Race Freeroll.

Anyone completing 30 aliases much challenges during nan Ace nan Race promotion, and erstwhile you spot really easy those tasks are, you'll work together there's nary excuse not to his 30+; you'll rev your motor and velocity distant successful a $100,000 Vegas Grandstand Freeroll astatine 7:00 p.m. GMT connected April 28. Playing for a stock of $100,000 for free has ne'er been easier!

What Are nan Ace nan Race Challenges?

As mentioned, Ace nan Race challenges are surgery down into 4 categories: rate games, tournaments, casino, and sports. You tin complete up to 3 challenges per time by completing immoderate operation of nan regular challenges.

Cash Game Challenge

Hit 888poker's rate crippled tables, pinch minimum stakes of only $0.01/$0.02, and triumph a manus pinch ace-king arsenic your starting hand, and that is nan regular rate crippled situation completed; we told you these challenges were a locomotion successful nan park!

Tournament Challenge

If you for illustration playing tourney poker, participate immoderate of 888poker's tournaments, including nan exciting, fast-paced BLAST games, that person a buy-in of astatine slightest $5, and that is nan tourney situation done and dusted for nan day.

Casino Challenge

Head to nan vibrant 888 Casino, wager astatine slightest $2 connected casino games, and you're successful nan clear for that day's casino-related challenge.

Sports Challenge

Those pinch a penchant for sports betting tin complete this situation by placing a stake aliases bets totalling astatine slightest $2 pinch minimum likelihood of 1/2 (1.5) each day. That's it!

$10,000 successful Weekly Freerolls and $150,000 successful Guarantees With nan 888poker Micro Rollers

Ace nan Race Freeroll Schedule

NameDate & TimeEntry Requirements
$400 Monaco KingsThree times per time (Mon-Sat)One situation per summons up to 3 times daily
$4,500 London RaceSunday astatine 7:00 p.m. GMTComplete 9 aliases much challenges successful a week
$100,000 Vegas GrandstandApril 28 astatine 7:00 p.m. GMTComplete 30 aliases much challenges passim nan promotion

PokerNews recommends utilizing immoderate freeroll summons arsenic soon arsenic you person it because they person an expiry clip connected them, positive each freeroll is constricted to 18,000 entrants. The size of nan freerolls' prize pools intends they are apt to beryllium highly celebrated pinch 888poker players.

It's not each time you get to play successful $300,000 worthy of freerolls for free, truthful download 888poker, create your free account, and get progressive successful nan Ace nan Race promotion.

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