Over $1,500 Added Value in our PokerNews Home Games on PokerStars in February

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PokerStars Home Games

We astatine PokerNews are excited to denote that our Home Games Leaderboard is backmost successful February and readers tin proceed to pit themselves against 1 different successful our backstage PokerNews Home Games group connected nan PokerStars platform.

PokerNews Home Games has already awarded complete $8,000 worthy of tickets and pinch games moving daily, location is ever clip to jump and drawback immoderate of that juicy value.

Members tin compete connected nan virtual felt connected some mobile and desktop, and PokerNews will adhd unthinkable worth to nan heap of tournaments moving passim nan year. Don't interest if you are a rate crippled player, arsenic location will besides beryllium a big of rate crippled tables, astatine a assortment of buy-ins, that will beryllium moving truthful you excessively tin bask battling for bragging authorities and large blinds.

These exclusive value-added tournaments are group to commencement connected February 1 astatine 8:00 p.m. BST, and tally daily. The champion measurement to support up-to-date pinch nan schedule of games will beryllium successful our caller and improved Discord transmission which you tin subordinate below.

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Throughout February, PokerNews will beryllium moving regular Added Value MTTs successful which nan victor shall person a tourney ticket, of $11, for winning nan MTT and this is connected apical of nan prizepool itself. Buyins are an affordable $1.10 and location are besides Leaderboard prizes for nan apical 10 finishers astatine nan extremity of nan month. Any MTT successful which registration closes pinch complete 30 players, PokerNews will double nan 1st spot ticket, truthful nan inducement is location to get each of your poker playing buddies progressive and get moreover much value.

PokerNews Home Game Schedule & Added Value

DateNameTournamentGame Added Value
2/1/2024New Year Feb SeriesNLH$1.10$11 
2/2/2024New Year Feb SeriesNLH$1.10$11 
2/3/2024New Year Feb SeriesNLH$1.10$11 
2/4/2024New Year Feb SeriesNLH$1.10$11 
2/5/2024New Year Feb SeriesNLH PKO$1.10$11 
2/6/2024New Year Feb SeriesNLH Deep$2.20$22 
2/7/2024New Year Feb SeriesNLH$1.10$11 
2/8/2024New Year Feb SeriesNLH$1.10$11 
2/9/2024New Year Feb SeriesNLH$1.10$11 
2/10/2024New Year Feb SeriesPLO$1.10$11 
2/11/2024New Year Feb SeriesNLH$1.10$11 
2/12/2024New Year Feb SeriesNLH$1.10$11 
2/13/2024New Year Feb SeriesNLH PKO$2.20$22 
2/14/2024New Year Feb SeriesNLH$1.10$11 
2/15/2024New Year Feb SeriesNLH$1.10$11 
2/16/2024New Year Feb SeriesNLH$1.10$11 
2/17/2024New Year Feb SeriesPLO$1.10$11 
2/18/2024New Year Feb SeriesNLH$1.10$11 
2/19/2024New Year Feb SeriesNL PKO$1.10$11 
2/20/2024New Year Feb SeriesDeepstack$2.20$22 
2/21/2024New Year Feb SeriesNLH Rebuy55c$11 
2/22/2024New Year Feb SeriesNLH Rebuy10c$11 
2/23/2024New Year Feb SeriesNLH Rebuy55c$11 
2/24/2024New Year Feb SeriesNLH Deep$1.10$11 
2/25/2024New Year Feb SeriesNL PKO$1.10$11 
2/26/2024New Year Feb SeriesPL08$1.10$11 
2/27/2024New Year Feb SeriesDeepstack$2.20$22 
2/28/2024New Year Feb SeriesNLH$1.10$11 
2/29/2024New Year Feb SeriesNLH Deep PKO$2.20$22 

Added Value Leaderboard

On apical of nan added worth tickets connected connection successful each of nan Home Games MTTs during February, PokerNews is besides moving a Home Games Leaderboard successful which nan apical 10 performing players will triumph further tickets.

Any subordinate that joins astatine slightest 1 of nan NLHE MTTs during February will qualify. All competing players will gain points based connected their finishing position successful each event, pinch nan apical 10 points winning further PokerStars tickets for their efforts.

After nan games are played and nan particulate has settled, nan apical 5 players successful nan standings will not only person earned immense kudos and bragging authorities complete nan title but will locomotion distant pinch nan pursuing further worth prizes.

Leaderboard Finishing PositionAdded Value Prize
1st$215.00 Ticket
2nd$109.00 Ticket
3rd$55.00 Ticket
4th$22.00 Ticket
5th$11.00 Ticket
6th$5.50 Ticket
7th$5.50 Ticket
8th$5.50 Ticket
9th$5.50 Ticket
10th$5.50 Ticket

So if you want to drawback immoderate other worth for a mini finance past caput complete and registry for our exclusive PokerNews Home Games connected PokerStars and beryllium judge to subordinate nan PokerNews Discord to travel nan leaderboard standings and get nan latest news of each promotions that are running.

Join your chap PokerNews readers in our Discord server, wherever you'll find exclusive offers, typical freerolls, and each nan latest poker-related news and tourney unrecorded updates.

How to Join nan Home Games Club?

It couldn't beryllium simpler to subordinate nan Club, each you request to do is spell to nan Home Games tab successful your PokerStars customer and click "Join a Club".

How to Join nan PokerNews Home Games

If you haven’t sewage a PokerStars relationship already, you request one, truthful download nan package now, group up a caller account, and declare a invited prize worthy up to $600.


  • Please let 24 hours for nan squad to judge your invitation truthful please don't time off it precocious if you want to join.
  • Tickets tin return up to 72 hours to beryllium credited.
  • Home Games must person 10 aliases much runner's to beryllium eligible for ANY tickets
  • PokerNews clasp nan correct to region individuals from nan Home Games Club that do not behaviour themselves correctly.
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