New Venetian Rewards Launches

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There’s a caller Venetian Las Vegas loyalty programme launching successful March, called Venetian Rewards. It will characteristic some gaming and non-gaming expenditures, enhanced earning transparency for slots, tangible and valuable benefits, and unlock much ways to gain Rewards Points.

Venetian Rewards is poised to switch nan Grazie Rewards program. Existing Grazie Rewards members will beryllium seamlessly transitioned to Venetian Rewards pinch their existent earned tier and points honored. The programme consists of Tier Points, allowing guests to swiftly advancement done nan tiers and Rewards Points, functioning arsenic a shape of currency.

Tier Points are not only earned by playing connected nan casino floor, but besides passim a guests’ full enactment — accommodations, dining, entertainment, retail, and spa. Each tier unlocks tangible benefits, showing that guests are arsenic valuable arsenic nan uncommon gemstones nan program’s tiers are named after. From Jade, past Sapphire, to Ruby, past Diamond, each tier is moreover much valuable than nan 1 before.

Beginning astatine nan Sapphire Tier and progressing to Ruby and Diamond, guests will person expanded benefits by tier level, specified arsenic slot multipliers, which let for tier progression faster; complimentary precocious checkout; and parking. The Ruby and Diamond Tiers person suite upgrades, complimentary suite nights to share, privilege entree to edifice amenities, complimentary valet, and their prime of airfare, golf, aliases Canyon Ranch spa + fittingness credit.

“Venetian Rewards marks yet different milestone successful nan ongoing improvement of nan Venetian Resort. This all-new programme continues to supply nan champion entree for our gaming customers and enhances net connected experiences including gaming, dining, entertainment, our world-class spa, and more, for each of our guests,” remarked Patrick Nichols, president and main executive serviceman of The Venetian Resort Las Vegas.

Venetian Rewards guarantees members nan astir favorable suite rates erstwhile booking direct, arsenic good arsenic personalized offers. Recipient of nan #1 Hotel successful Las Vegas successful nan 2023 Conde Nast Traveler’s Readers’ Choice Awards, nan iconic spot ushers successful this caller programme connected nan heels of a $1 cardinal redevelopment project. Membership to Venetian Rewards is complimentary and originates successful March. Guests will beryllium capable to enroll while visiting The Venetian Resort, by telephone erstwhile making a reservation, aliases online.


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