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March 27, 2024

Name Surname Main Event Travel
MainEventTravel successful Las Vegas has been helping poker players recreation to Las Vegas and tournaments astir nan world since 2011 and has ramped up its offering moreover further for players heading to WSOP this summer.

Run by a powerhouse steeped successful decades of customer work and hospitality experience, nan squad knows that competitory pricing, flexibility, and worth are paramount erstwhile it comes to poker travel.

The specialist poker recreation agency has launched a caller online "Pay When You Stay" booking service, allowing customers to salary nan edifice straight connected arrival. This is perfect for regs scheduling tourney recreation months successful advance, pros waiting for backers to nonstop bankrolls, aliases for those redeeming up for that bucket-list poker holiday!

But it’s not each change. The dedicated poker booking tract will proceed to connection immoderate of nan astir competitory rates connected pre-paid hotels successful Sin City and astir nan globe. Now, you person each options disposable astatine your fingertips: "Pay Today" aliases "Pay When You Stay!" is Poker's Trip Leader

Head to MET’s Events page and click ‘WSOP’ to quickly and easy hunt for Las Vegas Hotels and flights this summer!

Scottish poker subordinate and leisure manufacture entrepreneur Fraser MacIntyre acquired Main Event Travel successful 2014 pinch nan nonsubjective of offering players an easy-to-use, efficient, and competitory poker recreation platform. The Vegas veteran, who makes nan WSOP visit each summer, says, "Player acquisition is astatine nan forefront of everything we do. We are continuously moving to amended our offering and functionality to supply a one-stop shop for poker recreation astir nan globe."

The Voice of Poker Lon McEachern agrees. Last year, he was announced arsenic nan Voice of and released a bid of video clips highlighting nan bespoke services MET has tailored to tourney travelers.

Lon McEachernLon McEachern

McEachern said: “I’m thrilled to beryllium moving pinch I’ve known nan institution since it started, and I REALLY for illustration what they do. was created by poker players for poker players.”

Lon has been waxing lyrical to players astir Vegas recreation and MET’s existing and newest USPs, including ‘Pay When You Stay,’ a business pinch Luxon Pay, and nan unsocial added worth #FinalTableFreeroll promotion, wherever players booking pinch MET tin triumph backmost up to 100% of their tourney recreation successful early recreation credit.

EPT Paris 2024 champion and nan newest summation to nan PokerStars roster, Barny Boatman, was nan first to scoop a #FinalTableFreeroll prize erstwhile he reached nan last array of nan WSOP $600 No Limit Hold'em/Pot Limit Omaha bracelet arena past summer. Boatman said: "MainEventTravel ever sorts retired my Vegas trip, which makes maine consciousness for illustration immoderate benignant of aging stone prima aliases a spoiled child. They do get awesome deals."

Barny BoatmanBarny Boatman

Kelly Saxby, MET Retail Sales and Marketing, says, ‘The squad has been moving continuously down nan scenes to create worth for customers successful each way. The #FinalTableFreeroll promotion makes booking pinch MET a no-brainer. Players are walking to nan WSOP this Summer aiming to FT. Why not book pinch an agency that gives you an opportunity to boost your bankroll moreover further erstwhile you do?"

"And ’Pay When You Stay’ hotels are a crippled changer. Previously, players looked to MET for last-minute, pre-paid edifice offers. Now MET is connected par pinch nan biggest online booking platforms, providing a afloat spectrum of hotels and flights, pinch nan added prize of buy-ins, packages, and devices developed pinch players successful mind."

We deliberation should beryllium your go-to Las Vegas booking level and person complied a database of apical reasons to book pinch The Trip Leader this summer:

  • Mobile-Friendly Website
  • Global Event Listings and Calendars
  • Geo-Locate Hotels & Airports
  • Highly Competitive Rates
  • Pay Now aliases Pay When You Stay Hotels
  • ATOL Protected Flights
  • Poker Packages & Advance Buy-Ins
  • Exclusive Promotions & Special Offers
  • Multiple Currencies & Payment Options
  • Easily Change Display Language
  • View and Amend Trips successful a Click
  • #FinalTableFreeroll Added Value

Don’t conscionable return our connection (and Lon’s) – check retired for yourself! We person an exclusive connection for PokerNews readers. is giving distant 100 x $25 Travel Credits to usage towards a Las Vegas booking. Email [email protected] pinch "PokerNews" successful nan taxable earlier 15th April 2024 to claim. Ts & Cs apply.

Head to today to book ATOL-protected flights, "Pay Now" aliases "Pay When You Stay" Las Vegas Hotels, and for afloat specifications of nan #FinalTableFreeroll eligible events. Look retired for MET squad members successful Vegas this summertime to drawback a spot aliases opportunity hello!

Name Surname Main Event Travel
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