Las Vegas Super Bowl Strike: What to Know

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We are erstwhile again facing nan threat of a activity stoppage. A Las Vegas Super Bowl onslaught involving culinary and hospitality workers. This clip complete 8,000 workers astatine 20 resorts person group a day to locomotion disconnected their jobs, which could time off a shortage of bartenders, waiters, porters, and location cleaning unit for nan large game.

Well, present we spell again. Another large sporting arena is headed for Sin City, and pinch it nan threat of labor stepping disconnected their jobs, arsenic a imaginable Las Vegas Super Bowl onslaught is this week’s large story. Back successful November, 35,000 Las Vegas workers threatened to locomotion disconnected their jobs conscionable days earlier nan Formula 1 Grand Prix if their demands were not met. That maneuver worked truthful good that now an further 8,000 labor are threatening to do nan nonstop aforesaid point earlier nan Super Bowl.

February 2nd is nan time that workers astatine these 20 Las Vegas Resorts opportunity they will spell connected strike. That’s conscionable 9 days earlier nan large crippled connected February 11th. And if they do locomotion out, guests astatine these resorts whitethorn person a difficult clip uncovering a waitress, a bartender, aliases a cook. And location whitethorn not beryllium anyone to lavation your soiled sheets and towels, nary 1 to cleanable your toilet, and nary 1 to thief you pinch your bags.

The Secretary and Treasurer of the Union stated that he believes location will beryllium a Las Vegas Super Bowl strike, and that it will impact much of nan metropolis than conscionable those resorts. And while this surely will not extremity nan Super Bowl from being played, it could make nan acquisition a batch little nosy for those who attend. Now hey, let’s conscionable beryllium honorable for a moment, because moreover if location is simply a strike, nan Super Bowl will will still beryllium played and televised, and group pinch tickets to nan crippled are still going to recreation to Las Vegas to watch it. Besides that, conscionable for illustration backmost successful November this onslaught will astir apt beryllium averted pinch immoderate past infinitesimal deal.


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