Las Vegas Bus Drivers Threaten Strike

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Gambling news - Don’t look w, but moreover nan Las Vegas autobus drivers and mechanics are now getting into nan tone of stepping disconnected their jobs. Drivers voted to authorize a onslaught a fewer days ago, but did not spell arsenic acold arsenic mounting a day conscionable yet.

After rejecting a projected contract, nan Las Vegas autobus drivers opportunity that this is not conscionable astir nan money, it’s astir information concerns. Over nan past twelvemonth location person been astir 20 convulsive incidents. “We’ve sewage drivers retired location being spit on, punched, assaulted — driver had a weapon changeable astatine his model past week…” stated 1 Union member. Among nan issues that request to beryllium settled to avoid a strike location are nan raises that nan drivers and mechanics are seeking, positive changes for seniority pinch nan mechanics and amended benefits.

So will nan Las Vegas autobus drivers and mechanics effort to usage nan Super Bowl arsenic leverage? While thing has officially been stated (because why would they… it’s implied), 1 worker stated that nan “Super Bowl is coming up… judge would beryllium unsmooth to person each these busses sitting present pinch nary drivers and cipher being capable to move astir this town.”

While 1 could reason really overmuch of an effect a autobus onslaught would person for nan Super Bowl, see this: Every personification who usually takes a autobus will beryllium looking for different transportation, whether that’s a taxi, a thrust share, aliases nan Monorail. So location will beryllium accrued request for these services while a awesome sporting arena is going on. That would astir apt mean a immense jump successful prices crossed nan board.

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