Kick of Destiny Returns for Super Bowl LVIII

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It’s almost clip for nan Super Bowl, and that will mean nan return of nan Kick of Destiny! Sure, it will beryllium an astonishing game, but watching Rob Gronkowski effort to footwear a shot is worthy tuning successful for each by itself! And now, FanDuel has announced that nan four-time Super Bowl Champ will beryllium astatine Super Bowl LVIII again this twelvemonth for nan sequel to past year’s ‘Kick of Destiny’.

FanDuel’s ‘Kick of Destiny 2’ will spot Gronkowski make his measurement to Las Vegas wherever he will effort to successfully make a section extremity successful a unrecorded advertisement spot conscionable earlier kick-off to nan Super Bowl. FanDuel customers will beryllium offered nan opportunity to make a free prime connected whether they deliberation he will Make aliases Miss nan footwear done nan FanDuel Sportsbook app, pinch eligible customers who prime correctly winning an adjacent stock of $10,000,000 successful prize bets.

The motorboat of nan integrated ‘Kick of Destiny 2’ run conscionable up of Flutter’s planned further listing connected nan New York Stock Exchange this year, and will culminate successful nan biggest arena for US sports betting successful nan shape of nan Super Bowl connected 11th February. In 2023, Super Bowl LVII was nan azygous biggest staking arena crossed Flutter, pinch FanDuel customers staking $215 cardinal connected an epic last that saw nan Kansas City Chiefs separator retired nan Philadelphia Eagles by 38-35.

Speaking arsenic portion of nan motorboat of nan campaign, Gronkowski said: “When I missed nan Kick of Destiny during past year’s Super Bowl, it was devastating. I told nan squad astatine FanDuel I knew I could do amended and needed a changeable astatine redemption this year. I’m going to show America I tin make that kick, moreover pinch each nan unit of doing it unrecorded successful beforehand of nan full country.”

“Last year’s Kick of Destiny run saw tremendous engagement from our customers arsenic they were captivated pinch what would hap during our unrecorded Super Bowl commercial,” said FanDuel Executive Vice President of Marketing, Andrew Sneyd. “With nan preamble of nan Make aliases Miss free prime usability and Rob’s desire for redemption, this twelvemonth will beryllium moreover much breathtaking for FanDuel customers. Rob is an authentic embodiment of nan FanDuel instrumentality – passionate, entertaining, and trailblazing – and we’re fresh to make history again.”


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