Jakub Michalak Puts on a Grand Performance in the Merit Poker Carmen Series High Roller

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Jakub Michalak

In a capacity worthy of nan shape astatine nan Bolshoi aliases nan Met, Jakub Michalak made speedy activity of nan last array to triumph nan Merit Poker Carmen Series High Roller title.

The Polish pro defeated a section of 145 entries to gain $174,500. And he did it successful dominating fashion, controlling astir 80 percent of nan chips successful play during three-handed action and quickly vanquishing runner-up Halil Tasyurek successful heads-up. It was nan type of tally that Michalak could only dream of.

“I could, but not successful this way. I was moving truthful bully it was unbelievable,” he said aft his victory.

Michalak is nary alien to high-roller success. He won a Merit Poker High Roller successful Montenegro successful February 2022, a tally he compares to this one. “Yeah, really I did successful a precocious roller successful Montenegro wherever three-handed I besides had for illustration 90 percent of nan chips. But it’s still unbelievable. Literally unbelievable erstwhile you tally for illustration that. Crazy,” he said.

Michalak is simply a acquainted look astatine nan Merit Crystal Cove Hotel and Casino successful North Cyprus. This tourney marked his 32nd rate successful a Merit Poker arena and 15th last table. He had antecedently won a $5,000 High Roller successful March 2019 for $122,297 and vanished 3rd successful nan Merit Poker Retro Series Main Event successful 2022 for $233,050. The idyllic mounting by nan shores of nan Mediterranean feels for illustration a cleanable spot for him to pursuit his poker dreams.

“Look astatine it. The nutrient is amazing. The spot is amazing. The ambiance is amazing. The venue is amazing. Why wouldn’t you travel here? It’s virtually my favourite spot to play poker successful nan world,” he said.

“I conscionable emotion nan game. I emotion to compete against each these players. It conscionable brings maine a batch of joyousness and fulfillment. I really emotion this game. So winning a tourney is nan champion point I tin ideate for me.”

Final Table Results

1Jakub MichalakPoland$174,500
2Halil TasyurekTurkey$123,100
3Daniel HenriquesPortugal$80,200
4Milos SkrbicSerbia$57,400
5Renan BruschiBrazil$43,100
6Bojan BerberovicMontenegro$34,500
7Andrei SpataruRomania$28,500
8Marcin DziubdzielaPoland$22,900
9Rachid El-YaacoubiFrance$17,100

Day 3 Action

Day 3 began pinch 30 players remaining retired of a starting section of 145. Just 17 would make nan money, and nan likes of Simone Andrian, Razvan Belea, and Florian Guimond each fell early. Maxime Chilaud was eliminated erstwhile he ran into Michalak’s aces.

Michel Habib busted successful a cooler erstwhile Tasyurek spiked a group of nines connected nan move to ace his tens and nonstop him retired 2 spots disconnected nan money. Daniel Kyosev was past eliminated connected nan bubble aft being down to little than 1 large blind.

Day 1 spot leader Dawid Smolka (17th) and Christophe Panetti (16th) were nan first to autumn successful nan money. Dmitrii Kuzin ran his ace-queen into Milos Skrbic’s ace-king to decorativeness successful 15th while Skrbic took nan spot lead.

Alessandro Pichierri (14th) and Traian Stanciu (13th) departed adjacent earlier Jenya Gavrilovich went done a downfall successful 2 hands. First, Bojan Berberovic made a afloat location to double up and time off Gavrilovich pinch conscionable 15,000. Forced each successful nan adjacent manus successful nan blinds, Roman Stoica vanished him disconnected and sent him retired successful 12th.

Jenya GavrilovichJenya Gavrilovich

Stoica was past eliminated erstwhile Renan Bruschi rivered a flush to climb past 3,000,000 and into nan spot lead. Bruschi besides eliminated Mikhail Zavoloka connected nan last array bubble by flopping a flush.

Bruschi led astatine nan commencement of nan nine-handed last array pinch 3,200,000, while Michalak was successful 2nd pinch 2,800,000. Rachid El-Yaacoubi, who was progressive successful immoderate contention earlier successful nan time aft being accused of spot dumping and receiving a penalty, had astir of his stack successful nan mediate from nan large unsighted connected nan first manus and Michalak took him retired pinch 2 pair.

Andrei Spataru doubled up disconnected Skrbic pinch ace-queen, past Daniel Henriques spiked a 3 to hit Bruschi’s ace-jack and double. Then came nan manus that began Michalak’s march to nan title.

Marcin Dziubdziela moved each successful for 600,000 successful early position. Spataru reshoved for 900,000 successful mediate position and Michalak snap-called successful nan large unsighted pinch pouch queens. Spartaru had jacks but was down to conscionable 1 retired arsenic Dziubdziela had queen-jack. Michalak busted some players, Dziubdziela taking eighth and Spataru seventh, arsenic he climbed up adjacent 5,000,000.

Andrei SpataruAndrei Spataru

Tasyurek picked up nines to double disconnected Berberovic, and nan start-of-day spot leader was eliminated a fewer hands later successful sixth spot erstwhile Tasyurek made a afloat house. Michalak eliminated Bruschi successful 5th spot pinch ace-nine against ace-five.

Michalak past raised to 360,000 successful nan mini blind, and Skrbic called to a six-high flop. Michalak led retired for 280,000, Skrbic moved each successful for 2,300,000, and Michalak called pinch aces. Skrbic had a brace and consecutive tie but missed his outs to deed nan obstruction successful 4th while Michalak took nan monolithic pot.

Milos SkrbicMilos Skrbic

Tasyurek won a title pinch king-queen to nines to bust Henriques successful 3rd arsenic Michalak led 11,500,000 to 3,000,000 astatine nan commencement of heads-up. It took conscionable a fewer hands earlier Tasyurek limped in, Michalak jammed, and Tasyurek called for 2,500,000 pinch ace-five. Michalak had a dominating ace-nine, and Tasyurek recovered nary thief connected nan committee and had to settee for a second-place finish.

Just for illustration that, nan last array was complete successful a flash. Michalak had nan trophy, nan first-place prize money, and nan prestige of taking down immoderate of nan world’s champion players. He ever imagined a final-table tally for illustration this, and today, his dreams became a reality.

That concludes PokerNews’ sum of nan Merit Poker Carmen Series High Roller. Stay tuned for much sum passim nan festival.

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