Iconic Las Vegas Casino Tropicana Closing in April to Prep for Oakland A's Move

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Tropicana Las Vegas Closing

Gambling news - The extremity of an era is adjacent arsenic Tropicana Las Vegas has announced its expected closure day — April 2, 2024 — arsenic nan spot which opened successful 1957 will go nan future location of nan Oakland Athletics.

Prominent Las Vegas X relationship @LasVegasLocally reported rumors of nan anticipated closure Monday greeting earlier past sharing an charismatic memorandum sent retired by nan casino.

The End of an Era

Tropicana opened April 4, 1957, and will adjacent almost precisely 67 years later. The South Strip casino edifice is owned by Bally's Corporation, and has been hosting nan Bally Live Poker watercourse (formerly Bally's Big Bet Poker and Live astatine nan Bike) nan past fewer months. Within nan adjacent period aliases so, nan poker show will move to nan Commerce Casino successful Los Angeles. Poker prima Garrett Adelstein is expected to beryllium a regular successful nan large games erstwhile nan stream, which doesn't person an charismatic motorboat day yet, kicks off.

As for nan casino, nan spot has surely seen its amended days. PokerNews recently visited Tropicana for a Bally Live watercourse and noticed location wasn't overmuch action going connected extracurricular nan poker game. Only a constricted number of gamblers were seated astatine slot machines and array games.

Tropicana doesn't person a poker room, but did truthful concisely astir a twelve years ago. The casino hired Jamie Gold, nan 2006 World Series of Poker (WSOP) Main Event champion, to beryllium nan look of its brand-new paper room. Months later, it closed down and was replaced pinch slot machines. High-stakes poker subordinate and Maverick Casino proprietor Eric Persson had planned to unfastened a caller poker room astatine Tropicana successful October 2023, but nan plans fell through.

But contempt nan deficiency of excitement for nan casino successful caller years among visitors and locals, Tropicana is an iconic edifice successful Las Vegas and is 1 of nan oldest opinionated casino resorts connected nan Strip. Only Flamingo, which opened successful 1946, has been successful cognition longer.

For nan clip being, Bally Live Poker will proceed astatine Tropicana. On Feb. 3, nan watercourse will characteristic nan return of David "Viffer" Peat, on pinch a big of different high-profile players specified arsenic Persson, Patrik Antonius, and Nikhil "Nik Airball" Arcot.

The spot will soon beryllium demolished successful mentation for a shot stadium, which will go location to nan Las Vegas A's, formerly Oakland A's, successful 2027. This will beryllium nan 2nd awesome pro sports franchise nan metropolis of Las Vegas has swiped from Oakland. In 2020, nan NFL's Oakland Raiders moved to Sin City and play astatine Allegiant Stadium, located wrong stepping region from nan early location of nan A's.

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