Have You Ever Seen An Online Poker Welcome Offer Like the One at WPT Global?

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WPT Global Welcome Bonus

WPT Global has been making strides successful nan online poker world, and its generous invited connection is 1 of nan driving forces down a surge of popularity. The WPT Global invited connection grants caller depositing players up to $1,200 successful prize money, successful summation to up to $385 worthy of tourney tickets! Keep reference to find retired more.

Every caller WPT Global customer who deposits astatine slightest $20 receives a invited bonus. WPT Global matches your deposit 100% up to a maximum of $1,200. Once you person your invited bonus, it releases into your playable relationship equilibrium successful $2.50 increments each clip you make $10 successful rate crippled rake aliases salary successful tourney fees; prize costs expire aft 90 days.

Players who are capable to make a larger deposit are treated to a plethora of tourney tickets that could spot them triumph monolithic rate prizes aliases a poker travel of a lifetime. Please beryllium alert that immoderate tourney tickets received from nan invited connection are forfeited if they are not utilized wrong 14 days of issue.

WPT Global Welcome Offer Breakdown

New aliases Existing PlayersDepositMin. DepositReward
New players only1st deposit$202x $5 WPT Global Spins tickets, 2x $5 WPT Passport Satellite tickets
New and existing players2nd deposit$201x $10 WPT Global Spins ticket, 2x $5 WPT Passport Satellite tickets
New and existing playersDeposit of $300+$300All of nan supra positive $110 Sunday Slam ticket, 2x $10 WPT Global Spins tickets
New and existing playersDeposit of $1,200+$1,200All of nan supra positive 1x $110 Sunday Slam ticket, 2x $50 WPT Global Spins tickets, 1x $25 WPT Global Spins ticket

This unthinkable connection intends you will person nan pursuing package if you join WPT Global via PokerNews and make a $1,200 first deposit:

  • 2x $110 Sunday Slam tickets
  • 2x $50 WPT Global Spins tickets
  • 1x $25 WPT Global Spins ticket
  • 2x $10 WPT Global Spins tickets
  • 2x $5 WPT Global Spins tickets
  • 2x $5 WPT Global Passport outer tickets
  • $1,200 successful releasable prize money

What Are WPT Global Spins?

WPT Global Spins are three-handed jackpot beryllium & spell tournaments pinch a twist. One percent of each buy-in is taken and added to nan progressive jackpot, starring to imaginable wins that are unlimited successful size! If nan jackpot instrumentality lands connected nan 6,000x multiplier, each costs collected for that liking level are added to nan prize pool. The jackpot magnitude for each liking is intelligibly displayed successful nan lobby.

These breathtaking tournaments travel successful a scope of buy-ins from $1 to $250. The prize excavation multiplier determines your starting stack, pinch you sitting down pinch much chips erstwhile you are playing for bigger money. The blinds summation each six hands for nan first 9 levels, earlier remaining astatine Level 10 (200/400) until a champion is crowned; if nan WPT Global Spins ever reaches this stage.

Multiplier1st2nd3rdProbability successful 1M Games
5x5x  100,000
3x3x  396,822
2x2x  492,067

If you deposit $1,200 into your shiny and caller WPT Global account, you'll get your hands connected 2 $50 WPT Global Spins tickets arsenic portion of your invited offer. Hit nan 6,000x multiplier and return that bad boy down to win an astonishing $300,000 positive immoderate is successful nan $50 stake's progressive jackpot kitty!

What are you waiting for? Join WPT Global coming and thief yourself to 1 of nan astir generous online poker invited bonuses of each time.

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