Brad Owen is All-In Against Phil Ivey at WPT World Championship Meet-Up Game

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Phil Ivey x Brad Owen

December's World Poker Tour World Championships capped disconnected nan extremity of an exhilarating poker year for nan WPT. Their Prime circuit was a immense occurrence astir nan globe, and nan WPTWC was besides 1 of nan astir anticipated events of 2023. While nan $40 cardinal guarantee for nan Main Event had a mini overlay, nan WPT received plaudits from each corners of nan poker organization for being truthful ambitious.

Prior to Dan Sepiol taking down nan WPT World Championship for $5.3 million, WPT hosted a mega meet-up crippled astatine Wynn, Las Vegas pinch immoderate of nan biggest names successful poker taking connected members of nan public. And earlier this week, celebrated vlogger and WPT ambassador Brad Owen shared a glimpse of what happened astatine nan MUG successful his latest vlog, wherever he recovered himself battling nan likes of Phil Ivey.

Bradley Dollars Up for Grabs

Owen kicks disconnected his $1/$3 rate convention pinch a stack of $100 and finds himself all-in soon aft sitting down.

After raising pinch pouch queens to $15 and getting 3 callers to nan 7♦5♥3♠ flop, nan vlogger ripped successful his remaining $85 and picked up 1 caller. Owen tabled his overpair earlier nan committee completed pinch nan A♦4♦. Amazingly, his force tabled nan Doyle 10♠2♥ for a backdoor instrumentality to nan amazement of nan table.

Another 100 Bradley dollars were put connected nan table, and Owen quickly recovered himself astatine consequence for his stack erstwhile again. The cutoff opened to $15 earlier Owen jammed pinch A♥Q♥. The large unsighted put successful nan telephone arsenic did nan cutoff.

Action checked done to showdown pinch nan last committee of 7♦3♣J♥7♥2♠ connected display, leaving Owen pinch ace-high. The cutoff had nan victor pinch pouch sixes, besting nan large blinds fives.

Finding himself 0/2 connected runouts, Owen moved each successful unsighted for $93 and was progressive successful different three-way all-in. Owen tabled his K♣10♣ and was up against fours and Kx9x. This time, Lady Luck smiled down connected Owen arsenic he clawed adjacent backmost moreover aft nan A♠5♣3♣10♠3♦ runout.

Flopping Top Set Against Gus Hansen

Gus HansenGus Hansen

Owen was past moved to nan aforesaid array arsenic three-time WPT victor Gus Hansen and flopped a monster against nan poker icon.

Following an under-the-gun limp, Owen picked up pouch queens again and raised to $15. There were 5 callers, pinch Hansen being 1 of them. With $93 successful nan mediate connected nan Q♠9♦8♥ flop, Owen continued for different $65.

"Now you're lying," commented Gus earlier he and nan remainder of nan array folded. Owen tabled his apical group to show he had nan equipment and went into nan greenish for nan first clip during nan session.

However, immoderate profit quickly evaporated aft Owen sewage into a flip pinch fives versus ace-king. Big slick ended up making a afloat house, giving Owen's force nan triumph successful nan $320 pot.

Playing pinch Your Favorite Poker Player

Phil IveyPhil Ivey

Another array alteration later, and Owen recovered himself other his favourite ever poker subordinate successful Ivey. It didn't return agelong for nan 2 to tangle arsenic Owen three-bet shoved for $180 pinch A♦8♦ and was called by Ivey's pouch threes.

Owen recovered nary thief arsenic nan committee ran retired pinch nan K♣2♣10♥4♠J♣, and Ivey gladly took successful nan pot.

After astir 5 hours of play, Owen ended his convention pinch a nominal $300 loss, but of course, nan MUG wasn't astir winning aliases losing but astir nan tone of nan crippled and giving fans a mates of bully stories.

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