Battling Terminal Illness, Fan Favorite Cody Daniels Reaches PokerGO Cup Final Table

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Cody Daniels

Gambling news - The first last array of nan 2024 PokerGO Cup successful Las Vegas included known crushers for illustration David Peters and Fabian Quoss, but astir of those who tuned successful were apt cheering for different player.

Terminally sick Cody Daniels crossed disconnected a bucket database point by playing nan $5,100 buy-in arena wrong nan PokerGO Studio and parlayed nan acquisition into a streamed last array appearance.

Daniels, an Arizona resident who captured nan hearts of poker fans past twelvemonth pinch a deep run successful nan World Series of Poker (WSOP) Main Event, entered nan streamed last array 5th successful chips to beryllium guaranteed astatine slightest $27,750 — conscionable awkward of his $30,000 people past summer.

"But it’s nan f***ing trophy I want. Praying for immoderate bully wellness tomorrow," Daniels wrote connected X early Friday morning.

Daniels went connected to decorativeness successful sixth spot aft a achy three-outer against Mark Ioli, who vanished runner-up arsenic Peters took location nan trophy and apical prize of $141,525.

Read About Cody Daniels' Run successful nan WSOP Main Event

PokerGO Cup Event #1 Final Table Results


 1David PetersUnited States$141,525
 2Mark IoliUnited States$88,800
 3Shawn DanielsUnited States$63,825
 4Fabian QuossGermany$49,950
 5Dusti SmithUnited States$36,075
 6Cody DanielsUnited States$27,750

Battling On & Off nan Felt

Daniels, a 2015 Make a Wish recipient who utilized his wish to meet President Barack Obama, doesn't awkward distant from discussing his terminal illness, which stems from an intestinal rupture he suffered arsenic a teenager.

Daniels precocious uploaded a vlog detailing a 14-day infirmary enactment successful an Arizona infirmary aft being flown successful via helicopter. As Daniels states successful nan vlog, nan video clips show him astatine his "lowest of low" and pinch "blood, sweat, tears."

Cody DanielsCody Daniels successful a caller vlog astir his infirmary day

Just days later, Daniels posted connected societal media that he was going to "check different acquisition disconnected nan database and play nan PokerGoCup Event #1 tomorrow."

"Health is arsenic doing decent truthful I’m fresh to spell vessel this point and much importantly conscionable soak successful nan moment," he wrote connected X. "Can’t hold to battle! So excited you person nary idea."

The disease-battling poker subordinate had nary problem competing against a section of 111 subordinate that included Andrew Lichtenberger, Farah Galfond and Poker Hall of Famer Erik Seidel. He moreover recovered himself astatine consequence connected nan money bubble 3 abstracted times, but his opponents should've known he wasn't going anyplace without a fight.

Cody DanielsCody Daniels gives an update connected his PokerGo Studio run

Several poker personalities sent their support to Daniels astatine nan extremity of Day 1, including Jeff Platt, Joey Ingram and Ryan Feldman.

"Magic Carpet Ride"

When Daniels took his spot astatine nan last array connected Friday afternoon, he had a room afloat of poker players rooting him on.

As he recovered himself astatine consequence successful nan very first hand, nan winding registration statement wrong nan PokerGO Studio turned into an unofficial Cody rail. Daniels had ace-queen and held up against nan king-nine of Peters arsenic Dylan Destefano and others watched a flop camera successful suspense.

Things took a move conscionable a fewer hands later erstwhile Daniels erstwhile again recovered himself astatine consequence pinch ace-queen arsenic he dominated nan ace-jack of Mark Ioli. A cleanable flop and move near Ioli drafting to conscionable 3 outs, and nan full room groaned arsenic nan trader fanned a jack connected nan stream for Daniels to beryllium eliminated successful sadistic fashion.

"Very achy measurement to go," Main Event last tablist Adam Walton told Daniels arsenic he gave him a fist-bump.

Despite nan achy bustout, Daniels told PokerNews things person been "surreal" since he cashed nan Main Event past summer.

"The past 8 months has conscionable been a magic carpet ride," Daniels said successful an question and reply soon aft his elimination. "It’s stunning. I ne'er envisioned making nan last table. So it’s conscionable beyond my wildest dreams. Obviously wish we could’ve won that past one, but that’s it. That’s poker.”

Daniels described nan elite section he competed against arsenic "Murderers' Row" and said he particularly enjoyed competing against Alex Foxen, Kristen Foxen and Peters.

"Everyone was truthful great," he said, "and it genuinely felt for illustration cipher wanted to sound maine out.”

Cody DanielsCody Daniels

Not only did he person to conflict against elite poker players, Daniels besides had to fend disconnected sickness that kicked successful early successful Day 1.

“It was bad," he said. "As soon arsenic we started yesterday, I started getting dizzy, exhausted. And by nan extremity of nan night, we were down to eight, and I threw my clip extensions successful nan middle, and I said, ‘Blind maine out, I can’t do this.’ It was hand-for-hand, truthful I went retired successful nan caller air, tried to get cooled off, and past I came backmost successful here. And arsenic soon arsenic I sewage backmost to nan hotel, I was out.”

“Right now, I’m emotion really queasy, dizzy, and conscionable exhausted. This is difficult for anybody, fto unsocial pinch personification pinch (health) issues for illustration me.”

Throughout nan event, Daniels had nan support of not only his opponents but besides his mother, who was adjacent by arsenic she watched from nan rail.

“Couldn’t person had a amended railbird than Mom," Daniels said.

*Images courtesy of PokerGO & Cody Daniels via YouTube.

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