At Least Three WPT Voyage Packages Must Be Won at WPT Global This Weekend

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WPT Global Voyage

Gambling news - What are your plans for nan evening of January 28? Order immoderate takeout? Watch a movie? It should beryllium getting your grind connected astatine WPT Global because astatine slightest 3 WPT Global players will triumph a $12,400 WPT Passport to nan upcoming $1.5 cardinal guaranteed WPT Voyage.

A $1,060 buy-in satellite, named $12,400 WPT Passport Qualifier (3 Packages Guaranteed), shuffles up and deals astatine 5:30 p.m. ET (10:30 p.m. GMT) and, arsenic its sanction suggests, will grant nary less than a trio of packages to nan poker travel of a life aboard nan WPT Voyage cruise ship.

If you are 1 of nan fortunate passport winners, you'll group sail from Miami connected March 31 aboard nan 1,400-cabin Valiant Lady arsenic nan World Poker Tour heads retired into nan unfastened seas. You'll bask stops successful nan Cayman Islands and The Bahamas earlier returning to Florida connected April 5, hopefully having secured a WPT title and a cash-laden suitcase.

Each $12,400 WPT Passport awards its recipient:

  • $5,000 spot to nan $1 cardinal guaranteed WPT Voyage Championship
  • $1,100 spot to nan $500,000 guaranteed WPT Prime Voyage
  • The afloat cruise acquisition for 2 people, weighted astatine $4,000
  • $2,300 toward your recreation needs and cruise expenses

Don't interest if nan $1,060 buy-in for nan $12,400 WPT Passport Qualifier is extracurricular nan limits of your bankroll; it is for astir online poker players. WPT Global has cut-price satellites feeding into this expansive finale, starting astatine only $5.

The $5 WPT Passport Feeders grant tickets to nan $55 buy-in $220 WPT Passport Feeders. Those $55 buy-in satellites payout successful $220 tickets, which tin beryllium utilized to participate nan penultimate branch of nan qualifying tree. Progress from 1 of nan $220 WPT Passport Feeders to return your spot successful nan $1,060 last wherever nan $12,400 packages are waiting.

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What's Happening connected nan WPT Voyage

The WPT Voyage schedule is brimming pinch tournaments passim nan six-day luxury cruise. A $2,500 No-Limit Hold'em turbo arena kicks disconnected proceedings connected nan evening of March 31 arsenic you group sail from Miami, Florida.

Mixed crippled fans will beryllium delighted to study a $660 buy-in H.O.R.S.E. tourney takes spot connected nan day of April 1. A mates of Pot-Limit Omaha events and a limit Omaha Hi-Lo tourney are besides scheduled during WPT Voyage.

Two No-Limit Hold'em competitions guidelines retired from nan crowd owed to nan guarantees connected their prize pools. First, nan $1,100 WPT Prime Voyage guarantees to grant astatine slightest $500,000 to players reaching nan money places. The existent prize excavation could beryllium overmuch larger because nan cruise will person hundreds of poker players hanging astir nan decks itching to play immoderate high-quality poker events!

The 2nd bumper NLHE tourney is nan $5,000 buy-in, $1 cardinal guaranteed WPT Voyage Championship, which is judge to pull immoderate of nan champion grinders successful nan business, but besides dozens of online qualifiers and different poker aficionados taking a changeable astatine nan large time. That eclectic operation of players could consequence successful this being 1 of nan softest $5,000 buy-in events you ever play!

Although massively costly and astir apt not an arena you person earmarked arsenic a must-play, is nan $25,000 Super High Roller. You whitethorn not beryllium bankrolled for flicking successful $25,000, but it could beryllium your champion chance to drawback a glimpse of your favourite poker player successful action!

Full WPT Voyage Schedule


Sun 31 Mar8:00 p.m.$2,500 NLHE Turbo
 10:00 p.m.$150 NLHE Nightly
Mon 1 Apr9:00 a.m.$325 NLHE Seniors (50+)
 11:00 a.m.$5,000 NLHE WPT Voyage Chamionship Day 1
 12:00 p.m.$660 NLHE Tag Team
 4:00 p.m.$660 H.O.R.S.E.
 7:00 p.m.$1,100 NLHE WPT Prime Voyage Day 1A
 10:00 p.m.$150 NLHE Nightly
Tue 2 Apr8:00 p.m.WPT Voyage Championship Day 2
 8:00 p.m.$1,100 NLHE WPT Prime Voyage Day 1B
 8:00 p.m.$1,100 PLO Day 1
 10:00 p.m.$150 NLHE Nightly
Wed 3 Apr10:00 a.m.$1,100 NLHE WPT Prime Voyage
 11:00 a.m.$325 PLO
 12:00 p.m.$25,000 NLHE Super High Roller Day 1
 2:00 p.m.PLO Day 2
 2:00 p.m.WPT Voyage Championship Day 3
 5:00 p.m.$1,100 NLHE Mystery Bounty Day 1
 10:00 p.m.NLHE Nightly
Thu 4 Apr11:00 a.m.WPT Prime Voyage Day 2
 11:00 a.m.$660 Limit Omaha Hi-Lo
 12:00 p.m.$325 NLHE
 12:00 p.m.$1,000 NLHE High Roller Turbo
 1:00 p.m.$240 NLHE Ladies Event
 2:00 p.m.Super High Roller Day 2
 2:00 p.m.Mystery Bounty Day 2
 6:00 p.m.$660 NLHE
 10:00 p.m.$150 NLHE Nightly

Join WPT Global Today and Grab An Awesome Welcome Package

Now is nan clip to subordinate nan nosy astatine WPT Global if you do not already person an account. Download WPT Global via PokerNews, and make a deposit of astatine slightest $20 to person a 100% up to $1,200 first deposit bonus. That's not all; depending connected nan size of your deposit, you could besides spot 11 tourney tickets onshore successful your caller account!

New aliases Existing PlayersDeposit NumberMin DepositReward

New only1st$202x $5 WPT Global Spins tickets, 2x $5 WPT Passport outer tickets
New and existing2nd$201x $10 WPT Global Spins tickets, 2x $5 WPT Passport outer tickets
New and existingDeposit of $300+$300All of nan supra positive $110 Sunday Slam tickets, 2x $10 WPT Global Spins tickets
New and existingDeposit of $1,200+$1,200All of nan supra positive $110 Sunday Slam ticket, 2x $50 WPT Global Spins tickets, 1x $25 WPT Global Spins ticket

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